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Bridging Analytics with Action

Pair real-time insights with real-time communication. When you know which of your media has the most viewers, you can choose the best moment to capitalize on their fixed attention. Send your audience in-browser messages containing promotional offers, social media invites, or recommendations to more of your great content.

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Setup is as quick and easy as pasting two lines of HTML

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Learn who your audience is and what drives them wild

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Motivate fans to take action while engaged with your media

Complete control You call the shots

Get complete control over your media analytics and messages - all within one suave dashboard. From your dash, see historical viewing trends and real-time audience data. For example, want to know how many of your viewers are currently using their Android devices in Boston? You decide when it’s time to engage your audience and make the most of their presence on your site. MediaGauge gives the insights and tools you need to interact with your viewing audience - just the way you want it.

Easy to use No developers required

Not everyone has a technical background or 15 minutes to spend on a difficult install. Which is why we’ve made MediaGauge so easy-to-use. Simply sign up and add one bit of JavaScript to your website. That’s it. Do this once and you can use MediaGauge from your desktop, tablet, iPhone, or Android. If you do encounter a snafu, our dedicated team is here for you.

Your true reach Be seen and heard

As social media continues to gain popularity, information becomes diluted -- meaning less and less of your tweets or posts are seen by the right audience. Not the case with us! With MediaGauge, the more your audience grows the more effective we become for you. When a fan presses “play” on your content, you know their eyes are on the screen -- and that it’s the perfect time to send them a message.

Measure your impact Lightning fast results

Traditional marketing campaigns can take days - or many hours at best - to get results. MediaGauge reduces your marketing campaign lifecycle to less than a minute. You’ll immediately have information that can help you better understand your target audience. Quicker findings and faster learning mean that you can drive your audience engagement to new heights! As a cherry on top, our historical analytics help you measure your success over time.